White Fillings

Metal Free white fillings

Traditional ‘silver fillings’ (amalgam restorations) have been around for over 150 years. We’ve all seen them, most of us have a number of them in our teeth and they are immediately recognized when we smile. In this day and age, amalgam restorations have lost popularity for more than esthetic reasons. On January 19th 2013 the World Health Organizations (WHO) made public the approval of the ‘international treaty on ‘mercury’, calling for a “phasing-down“ of the use of dental amalgam due to it’s content of mercury, a toxic compound, and the risk of it’s release to the environment.

‘White fillings’ (esthetic restorations) have been around in different variations since the 1970s and have come a long way since then. Today’s tooth-colored fillings provide good durability and resistance to fracture, restore teeth to their natural look and can even help teeth heal from certain types of decay.

At his Tel Aviv clinic Dr. Miller performs amalgam free white fillings usind 2 different techniques:

For small cavities he uses Fluoride Glass which strengthens the dentin around the filling and can even eliminate the need for root canal treatments in certain cases. Fluoride glass allows for minimal natural tooth removal and provides long lasting esthetic restorations.

For larger cavities Dr. Miller uses the digital CEREC system which scans the tooth, designs the restoration and produces the 3D porcelain filling / onlay / inlay at the clinic in real time.

Replacement of amalgam fillings for medical reasons, when needed, is performed according to the guidelines of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology(IAOMT) which include the use of a rubber dam, high power suction, eye protection and a positive pressure respiration device (Supplemental air).

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cerec porcelain inlays
cerec porcelain inlays