Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Tel Aviv

Dental Implants are considered to be the best solution for missing teeth and state of the art of Dental technology. Having been around in one shape or another since the early 1970s, dental implant techniques are now an almost exact science with a general success rate of over 95%.

Contemporary screw shaped titanium implants are placed during a simple procedure effectively allowing the dentist to use the implant as a support for the missing crown.

Each implant procedure is planned out to match the specific patient's general health and dental situation. 3D CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) imaging scans are used to calculate the optimal position of the implant and to avoid specific anatomical structures such as main nerves and Maxillary Sinuses.

Some implant cases allow the patient to have temporary crowns placed the same day while others warrant different healing periods for bone-implant integration (Osseointegration): The main factors determining the timeline for the different procedures are the health and amount of bone in the implant area. Some cases will warrant bone grafting procedures to ensure proper implant integration.

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