Tooth Whitening

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Tooth Whitening Procedure

During the preparatory appointment, an exam is performed in order to rule out issues such as decay which can interfere with the desired esthetic result of the procedure. The existing color of the teeth will be photographed and noted and you will be given a thorough explanation of the whitening procedure, so you will know what esthetic result to expect. Impressions of your teeth will be taken to allow the preparation of custom made bleaching trays. Finally, you will be given special toothpaste to use which will prepare your teeth for the whitening procedure.  

For best results, you should visit the Hygienist who will clean and polish your teeth before the whitening appointment.

During the whitening appointment, after properly protecting your gums, mouth area and eyes,  a two phased 20 minute whitening procedure will be performed using a plasma lamp. The procedure is performed in a relaxed atmosphere and patients can enjoy different music channels or satellite TV stations. Finally, you will receive the take-home custom-made bleaching trays and Fluoride impregnated bleaching material which you are to use starting that evening for five hours a night, over a period of five consecutive nights until achieving the desired esthetic result.

Teeth whitening and teeth bleaching in Tel Aviv

The trays should be kept for future maintenance use.

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Tooth Bleaching- General Information

There are many techniques and a variety of products available for dental bleaching, or tooth whitening. It is customary to divide these techniques and products by the action that is performed on the teeth- chemical or mechanical; and by the availability of these procedures to the patient- some can be done at home, while others can only be done by a dentist.

In general, Over The Counter products such as  whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, strips and over the counter home whitening kits for home use do not give patients the esthetic result they had hoped for as a stand alone treatment. These products surely have a place, but only as an adjunct to professional whitening and as maintenance tools.

Hygienist dental cleaning, optimal product concentration and custom fitting to the patients teeth all make professional Dental Bleaching the best and most efficient whitening option.


Question: Does tooth bleaching damage teeth?

Answer: No. Research done over long periods of time has repeatedly found that tooth whitening causes no damage to the teeth- as long as the procedure is carried out by a professional and according to proper protocol.

Question: Can Tooth bleaching cause sensitivity?

Answer: Some patients may experience temporary sensitivity during or after tooth whitening. For this reason, the Whitening procedure which I perform in my clinic follows a specific protocol intended to minimise any discomfort or sensitivity. During the treatment period my patients use special toothpaste which prevents sensitivity and in some cases I instruct my patients to use OTC pain relievers such as advil during the treatment. In any case, if there is any sensitivity- it is completely temporary.

Question: Do you recommend Over The Counter (OTC) bleaching products?

Answer: OTC bleaching products such as whitening toothpaste, mouthwash, srtips and bleaching kits are effective mostly as maintenance treatment, after professional tooth whitening. These products are not as effective as custom whitening trays and are sold for use by non-professionals therefore containing very low concentrations of the active whitening agent.