CEREC- One Appointment Dentistry

The CEREC system ( CEramic REConstruction)  by SIRONA, is the leading dental CAD/CAM system worldwide.

Cerec allows Dr. Miller to digitally scan the patients teeth, to examine a virtual 3D model of the situation, to design the crown, bridge, veneer, inlay, onlay or filling needed and to immediately manufacture the all-ceramic product at his office using a computer assissted 3D milling unit. 

CEREC crown being milled

The Ceramic-Glass products used by Dr. Miller are highly esthetic and provide long term durability. 

Cerec benefits include:

  • One appointment crown & bridge
  • Highly esthetic results
  • No need for temporary crown and no impessions!
  • Replacment of amalgam-mercury fillings with safe and esthetic porcelain fillings
  • Endocrown procedure after root canal treatment- No post needed!



CEREC- One appointment porcelain crown!
CEREC- One appointment porcelain crown!
כתר בפגישה אחת- ד"ר בן מילר תל אביב- CEREC- One Appointment Crown Dr. Ben Miller Tel Aviv
Dr. Miller discusses CEREC