Root Canal

Instead of having your aching tooth removed, a root canal reatment can help you save the tooth, maintain your natural smile and continue enjoying the food you love.

The term root canal can be explained in two perspectives. It can refer to the inner part of the tooth between its pulp and roots, and to the dental procedure that relieves root canal pain by removing infected materials.


Causes of Root Canal Pain


The root canal contains blood vessels and nerves. The nerves have no specific purpose other than sensing stimuli.

A tooth nerve may become inflamed, irritated due to infection or damage. The nerve breaks down and bacteria begin to multiply in the root chamber causing infection, abscessed tooth and pain.

 Signs That You Need a Root Canal

 Any teeth pain is not an indication of root canal treatment. Signs of severe decay and infection enough to require root canal are;

  • Severe toothache and elevated sensitivity
  • A pimple like bump plus swelling and tenderness at the area of the toothache
  • Darkening of the tooth

Procedure for a Root Canal Treatment 

At the first step, an x-ray is taken to determine the shape of the root canal.

You receive a local anesthetic to nub the area, prevent pain and make you more comfortable. A rubber dam will be put around the tooth to make it stay dry

Next, your dental profession will drill a hole into the tooth using special tools and remove the pulp tissue and damaged nerve.

After removing decayed materials, your dentist will either seal the tooth immediately or put a temporary filling until a crown is customized for you.

The process of relieving your root canal pain is completed by a filling, a crown among other tooth restoration.


 After The Root Canal

After a few days or a week at most, you will have your next appointment. A composite filling will be put at the middle of the tooth.

For the first few days after the completion of a root canal, the tooth may feel sensitive due to natural tissue inflammation. . Maintain a regular oral care routine as well in order to safeguard your crown and avoid future tooth damage.

Data from people who have undergone root canal shows 95% success rate. Beside the common myth that root can treatment is painful, many teeth preserved through root canal procedure can last for a lifetime.

 Let Us Handle Your Root Canal

Whenever you experience a toothache, don’t hesitate to seek for treatment. Schedule an appointment with us today. We use modern technology and state of the art dental practice to reinvent a successful root canal treatment