Sport Dentistry

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Recently published statistics show that up to 20% of sport related injuries involve the maxillofacial area, i.e. the teeth and surrounding tissues: lips, gums and jaws. Although all Sports are involved including basketball, soccer and skateboarding, most sport related dental injuries occur during contact sports: Football, Hockey and lacrosse. Also published was the fact that injury to front teeth can result in dental work estimated at 5,000-20,000$ over a lifetime!
This is the reason that in the USA, professional contact sport leagues mandate mouthguards as part of uniform regulations.

Sport related trauma to the dental area can include Avulsion (knocked out teeth), fracture (broken teeth), luxation\ extrusion\ intrusion (teeth changing position during impact), malocclusion, cuts, swelling of the lips, fracture of  the jaws and damage to the TMJ (TemporoMandibular Joint).

Like most dental problems, Dental trauma is best treated by prevention: protection of the dental area during sports is easily achieved by wearing a mouthguard.



A mouthguard is a protective device worn on the teeth and gums. Although there are different types of mouthguards, research has shown that with custom made dental mouthguards, the highest rate of protection is achieved. By absorbing the forces caused during a blow and by diffusing the forces over a wider area, Not only does the mouthguard minimize the chances of Trauma to the teeth and soft tissue, but also assists in minimizing trauma to the jaws, TMJ and skull.

The Fabrication of a mouthguard is a quick and simple procedure and the easiest way to avoid serious sport related dental trauma.

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