Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crown is among the dental crowns that are recently trending. Talking of dental crowns, these are caps that cover the tooth for the purposes of elegance, supporting a weak or broken tooth or treat teeth discolouration.

Zirconia crowns are made from a very durable metal called zirconium dioxide. It is related to titanium, but classified as a type of ceramic crown.

What Are The Benefits Of Zirconia Crowns?


One major advantage that makes zirconia crowns so popular is durability and strength. The crown is a good choice for teeth at the back of the  mouth.

The dentist does not have to do a lot of preparation to your tooth, thanks to the strength of a zirconia crown.

Another quality that makes dentists recommend a zirconia crown is its biocompatibility. It does not trigger the body to produce immunological response like inflammation and teeth sensitivity.

Your dentist can cement the crown on your tooth in a same day procedure. This makes it time saving and convenient.

How to Have a Zircon Crown

Rather than sending the impression of your tooth to the lab for a crown to be prepared, some dentists can make a zirconia crown at the comfort of their offices.

This happens if the dentist has the necessary technology and tools such as the milling machine. The whole procedure is carried out on the first day of your visit.

When the same day procedure is not possible, the measurements of your tooth are taken to the lab to have your crown prepared. Mean while a temporary crown is placed on your tooth.

When your crown is ready, you get a second appoint with your dentist where the permanent crown is cemented on your tooth.

For both cases, the cost of implanting a zirconia crown depends on factors such as the dental professional, the difficulty involved and the insurance cover.

Zirconia Crown with Porcelain

One potential challenge of a zirconia crowns it the opaque appearance. This makes it look less natural and a bit hard to match with the rest of your teeth.

For this reason, some dentists prefer to put a layer of porcelain on zirconia while making the crown.

A crown that has undergone this process colour- matches to the surrounding teeth and appears as natural as them.

Something to consider is that porcelain layer has the potential of making the crown more likely to delaminate.

Let Us Fix a Zirconia Crown for You

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