Porcelain Crowns

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Porcelain crowns are the best choice when you want to replace an exterior portion of the tooth to improve its appearance and function.

They are considered to be one of the most beautiful crowns that a tooth can have. The crowns are translucent, making appear like natural teeth. A porcelain crown is ideal for restoration of front tooth.

Why you should have ceramic crowns

Among several dental crowns, most dentist recommend porcelain crowns for they can be shaped and colored to match your natural teeth.

Types of porcelain crowns include; express crown, procera crown, lava crown, zirconia crown and Enax crown. All these crowns are suitable to people who are allergic to metals

Apart from improving aesthetic appearance and restoring the full function of the teeth, a porcelain crown is recommended for other purposes.

These purposes are; to cover enamel erosion, when accidental or traumatic event cause irreparable tooth damage and in cases where grinding and clenching badly destroy the natural tooth.

Porcelain is suitable for people who have reduced space in their mouth and want to have natural looking teeth. Alignment correction is possible. They have no allergic reactions and are highly biocompatible

The procedure for fitting porcelain crowns

Initially, the tooth to be crowned is cleaned and reshaped in preparation for treatment. The tooth is also tapered a little for the crown to snugly fit on top of it.

An impression of the tooth is taken with the help of dental putty. The mould is taken to the lab where a new crown is fabricated. As that happens, a temporary crown is placed on the tooth.

The crown is prepared for a period of two to three weeks. When the crown is ready, your dentist fits it on your tooth. To do this, the dentist uses etching acid to rough up the surface of the tooth and enable the crown to stick on the tooth.

When the necessary fitting is done, dental cement is used to firmly hold the crown. There you have your Porcelain crown!

Taking care of a Porcelain Crown

It is simple to maintain a good looking and strong porcelain crown for a long time. They require dental hygiene practices similar to those of natural teeth- such as daily flossing, brushing at least two times a day and regular check ups.

Avoid clenching and grinding hard foodstuffs as they may tamper with the crown.

Although full porcelain crowns are expensive, their durability and stunning look compensate for the price.

Need to have a porcelain crown?

If you are wondering where you can have a porcelain crown, we are your best bet. Book an appointment with us for most satisfactory results. We are the most experienced professionals is restorative dentistry.

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