Most people who consider an invasalign are those who want to have perfectly straight teeth- but want nothing to do with the ugly metal brackets, or the discomfort that comes with the traditional orthodontic procedure.

Invasalighn are custom made for your teeth. They are virtually invisible and are not composed of metallic compounds.

How Does Invasalighn Work?

Invasalighn aligners work in a series of trays that shift your teeth to desired place at a gradual pace. Each tray is made in way that the next tray is a little straighter that the previous one with up to 0.25mm.

Invasalighn gives you a chance to view how your smile will look like once the treatment is complete. You will not have to wonder what the end results will produce.

Although you may experience pressure and discomfort in the first few days of treatment, invasalighn is far much easier to handle than metal braces in terms of anxiety and pain.

They promote your oral health by addressing problems such as overbites, gapped teeth, overcrowded teeth and underbites.

What to Expect On an Invasalighn Treatment

First is to take an invsalign smile assessment in order to check whether invaslighn is the best treatment for you.

Make an appointment for a consultation with an invasalighn provider who will answer all your medical questions. The professional will also make the final verdict if invasalighn will work for you.

Your dentist will then carry out a digital scan of your teeth using 3-D images. The results will be used to customize your treatment plan. You will get the next set of aligners after every two weeks until the desired results are met.

What to Do After Invasalighn Treatment

You can wear your invasalighn aligners as you go about the normal routines of your day. Brush them just as you do to your natural teeth. You can take them out when it is time to chew bones and enjoy your meal to the fullest.

If you are one of those who play contact games that require mouth guards, you can simply remove the aligners and fix them back after the game.

When you attain your ultimate goal with invasalighn, there is no doubt you will have a great smile. To maintain this, your dentist may recommend retainers. Retainers prevent the teeth from shifting back into the former position.

Do You Want To Have An Invasalighn Treatment?

If you feel that an invasalign is good for you, don’t go through the headache of wondering where to get it done. Book an appointment with us now. We can easily transform your smile to the best with the most advanced clear aligners system.

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